However we are local specialists clients always know the global window of economical future by his or her own experience better than what we advise which is first step of any demand

We connect you to the real owners of properties with a better value always

We have a huge products network within by Land Lords, Banks or Goverment Departments


Many countries are quite welcome and open the easiest doors for an investors and honour by citizenship

Apart from our Global Incorparation which is united with our Lawyers and Audits

Here is below simple texts of Turkish Citizenship

•Purchasing minimum $250K worth property and hold for at least 3 years
•500K Bank Deposit for 3 years
•$500K Fixed Capital Investment
•Purchasing Government Bonds $500K
•$500K Investment to Turkish Real Estate Fund
•Within 1 month of a time
•Signing Consultancy Agreement and Giving Us Power of Attorney
•Choosing best investment option for you
•Opening your bank account by Hsbc or Local Banks and Tax Number immediately
•Preparing you and your family residency application file
•Get your residency permit then Passport within another month


OBC offers supportive services for your daily work and meetings such as; •Daily or hourly personnel to assist you inside or outside the Office.
•Translation services in many languages.
•Help with data input, writing of Business letters and assistance.
•Helping with preparing presentations and support during the presentations and meetings.
•Organizing and assisting yours and your partners’ logistics such as private transfers, car rentals, taxies, purchasing plane tickets and restaurant or hotel reservations.
•Technical services for any kind of malfunction, mishap or accident.
•Welcoming and hosting your Business partners.
•Delivery and courier services
•Hot or cold catering services
•Assistants for simultaneous translations.
•Organizing your meetings and appointments.
OBC is also able to provide Consultancy services;
•Consultancy on establishing a company
•Accounting Consultancy
•Law Consultancy
•Strategic management Consultancy
•Communication Consultancy (ads. and PR)
•Brand registry Consultancy
•Intelligence services
•Web site design services
•Commercial affairs Consultancy
•Real-estate Consultancy
Other than all of our services mentioned OBC strives to serve you and your partner the best experience and comfort in order to ensure that you reach maximum productivity and success. Reach us out and we will provide!

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